Documentation change

The following sites provide specific information on making legal changes of gender in the State of Colorado. Please be advised that some procedures will change by county and while we attempt to make this info as accurate as possible, it is up to you to verify the procedure and follow through with the process supplying all necessary documentation, fees, etc. If you have specific questions we are happy to assist. Come to a support group meeting or give us a call.

Colorado Name Change Project
The Colorado Name Change Project is a free resource available to anyone in Colorado interested in updating their name and/or gender marker. They have frequent free workshops to help people fill out the forms and complete the other requirements for a legal name change.
Check our calendar for dates they will be at TCR

Colorado Driver’s License Gender Marker Change
In order to update gender on a Colorado ID or Driver’s License, the applicant must submit a completed Medical Information Form DR 2083 as well as pay the appropriate fees, and sit for a new photo.

Colorado Legal Name Change
The process is involved and takes several months so please do your research. If you need help, check out the Colorado Name Change Project for details about the forms and instructions. Be aware that background checks must be done by both the state and federal agencies. Please be aware that this information is not legal advice but only designed to point you in the right direction.

Colorado Birth Certificate Gender Change/Name Change
Gender change via sex reassignment surgery is a process where the physical characteristics and/or social gender role of an individual are changed to reflect the sex opposite of that which was determined at birth. This type of gender or sex change is different from when misinformation is recorded during the filing of the original birth certificate. The procedure to change a Colorado Birth Certificate as a result of gender change via surgical procedure (SRS) is found at this link.

Change Gender Marker on Passport
Understand that if you have not been treated by a physician for your gender incongruence and provide the proper documentation then you will not be allowed to update your passport’s gender marker. Surgery is no longer necessary, only proof that you are living full time in your new gender. This comes from your treating physician. Proof of name change is required if it has been completed, as is a current photo, and proper fees.