For transgender and gender-expansive individuals


Holistic services provided to the Colorado trans community


Transgender / Gender expansive

The influence of language cannot be overstated. Language shapes perceptions and can counter—or perpetuate—misconceptions. Language can encourage tolerance, or dismiss and stigmatize. Exact terms and our language about sexual orientation, biological sex and gender identity continue to unfold with more awareness, knowledge and openness, but no matter how you describe yourself, all are welcome at the Transgender Center of the Rockies.

transgender center of the rockies

Support and services

The Transgender Center of the Rockies provides holistic gender-affirming services to support transgender and gender-expansive individuals. Our goal is to empower them to live full and authentic lives.

We provide social-emotional support and substance use treatment for the Colorado trans community with clinical groups, individual counseling, peer-led support groups, employment and PreP case management and community events.


Transgender Center of the rockies

I never knew there were other people out there like me who were struggling with their identity. At TCR, there was no judgement, only support as I figured stuff out, plus they helped me find my community. They are so awesome—now I accept myself and know I am changing from myself—to more of myself. That’s a powerful thing.

—a TCR client



Front Range Clinic

Inside Mile High Integrated Care, Front Range Clinic is a group of addiction professionals helping individuals struggling with addiction, through Medication Assisted Treatment or MAT. Meeting individuals exactly where they are, they offer treatment to anyone seeking help. We help with a range of addictions including: alcohol, benzodiazepines, cocaine, heroin, meth and prescription opiates.


Mile High Behavioral Healthcare

Mile High Behavioral Healthcare provides a caring, seamless continuum of behavioral healthcare to those in need, offering accessible, affordable care and housing, with focused and diverse programs to address an individual’s life challenges. We are proud to say we have served more than 250,000 individuals. We could not have accomplished this without consistently standing by our principles and mission for the benefit of our programs, our clients, our community.

Everyone is welcome at MHBHC, and from the moment you walk through the door we provide a path for you to become strong, healthy and self-sufficient. We never look away—at MHBHC you are accepted and nurtured in discovering a sense of purpose and possibility.